Nicole "Hoopz"

Who the hell is Hoopz?  I mean, who is Nicole Deanne Alexander?  I don't really know.  I think she was a reality star on Flavor Flav's lame TV show then she did some porn, started rapping, and banging Shaq.  lol  I dont really care, she's a tight little ebony chick with that big ass and she likes to suck on some cock.  Her sex tape is available for download so stop reading this and get your jerk on! What about some Nicki Minaj rumors over on Leaked Celebrity Tape??

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  • Hoopz gets ready to take some big black sausage haha

Shaq and Nicole Break Up

Seems yet another reality TV star and athlete relationship has bit the dust!  In news reported by the Boston Globe, Hoopz and Shaq have split after two years of dating.  After meeting in 2010, the two moved in with eachot...
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Labelling Shaquille a Pussy?

After Hoopz's freak-out in the gym it shouldn't come as much surprise that the straw broke the camel's back.  But who would have guessed it'd end so acrimoniously?  Hoopz's profanity in the gym, centered on her ...
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Watch Hoopz Sex Tape Uncensored

Amazing oral skills, ass-clapping doggy style, and freaky sexy enthusiasm - this sex tape is a head above the pack.  You surely know Nicole Alexander from reality TV, where she turned heads as the sassy, take-no-prisoners "Hoopz&quo...
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Hoopz Escorted Out of Shaq's Mansion

When the "Flavor of Love"'s Hoopz split with her fiance Shaq, we figured she'd play it cooler after realizing what an ass she made of herself over the Olympic fiasco.  Hoopz being Hoopz though, she decided to show up a...
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